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Diabetes Improvement Programme

Mid Sussex

This page has been created for patients who have attended or been invited to attend the Modality Mid Sussex Diabetes Improvement Programme. If you are Diabetic and would like to find out more about the programme, please contact the practice team by submitting an admin query using our Patient Triage service between 9am - 12noon each week day or by asking a member of the practice. 

We have a number of really useful patient information leaflets and guides to help patients who have signed up to the programme, please click on the buttons below to download or view:

About The Programme

The Diabetes Improvement Programme (DIP) Nutrition Plan is a dietary plan that is low in sugary and starchy foods. Because starches are easily digested to sugar, starchy foods, like sugar, also increase the level of sugar in your blood stream and both must be reduced to improve your diabetic control. This way of eating focuses on eating "real" food and includes meat, fish, cheese, eggs, salads, and vegetables. This eating plan will provide your body with the nutrition that it needs and will change the fuel that your body uses from mainly sugars and starches to mainly fat.

Sugars and starches are also known as carbohydrates, or "carbs," and can be measured in grams. To help improve fat burning, your carbohydrate intake will be around 100 grams per day. This means that you will need to avoid sugar, bread, fruit, flour, pasta, or any other sugary/starchy food that has a lot of carbohydrates for all but one meal a day. When you limit the carbohydrate intake, your hunger will be reduced, your diabetes control will improve, and if you have extra weight on your body, you will eat less and lose weight. A list of the foods initially allowed is provided to assist you in changing your eating patterns.

Medical supervision is recommended for any diabetic nutrition plan, especially if you are currently taking any medications. As your weight decreases and your medical conditions improve, medications may have to be adjusted. Blood tests will be performed periodically to make sure that your values are within the normal range.

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