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My medical records: further information needed or request a change in my written records

Please complete this form if:


  • You wish to have further information about what you have seen written in your records.


  • You feel that there are significant factual entries that you would like to have changed.Please note that we can only do this for the records you have with your current practice. We will address this in the following manner:


We will address this in the following manner:

  • Using the information you give us; we may be able to amend the record you see or in some situations, we will have to make a second entry to add your comments. We may not need to see you to do this, but we may ask you to make a telephone appointment to discuss


  • We may direct you to some of the NHS information websites for more information about what is in your records


  • We may direct you to your hospital/community provider for further information if it is in relation to an appointment/test not arranged by ourselves

Thanks for submitting the form.


Someone from our GP Practice will get in touch with you shortly. 

We will aim to address this within 8 weeks and will inform you of our actions

Please give us as much information as possible about your issue, including the date the entry was made, and the outcome you hope to achieve:

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