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Modality Partnership is an award-winning GP super-partnership that operates primary health care and community services nationally. 


A super-partnership is made up of GP practices who come together to form one single partnership.  By being part of a larger group of practices we can be more efficient in the way we work.

We are committed to NHS values and we are continuing to grow, innovate and sustain services in General Practice and across the system.


We aim to meet the growing needs and expectations of our patients; without losing continuity of care, and we work together to find new, innovative solutions that will provide high quality, excellent care for all.


We are led by our appointed National Board and Service Leads who are supported by a centralised management team that deliver functions such as HR, IT, finance, governance, communications and business development.  This means our GP practice teams can concentrate their energies on providing excellent care to our patients.

Our Values

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