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CQC Report

Mid Sussex

Improvement Plan in Place & Making Progress

Commitment to Quality Care at Modality Mid Sussex

We want to inform you about the recent inspection by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) at Modality Mid Sussex. The CQC has identified areas in need of improvement, and we are committed to enhancing our services to provide the highest quality care to our patients.


Patient Safety is Our Top Priority

Our unwavering commitment to patient safety drives our actions. Over the next six months, we will focus on transforming our practice to meet the standards outlined in the CQC report. We are collaborating closely with the CQC, NHS Sussex, and specialist teams to address the issues identified.


Dr Sharon Pruden, Senior Partner at Modality Mid Sussex said in a statement:


“We take the findings of the CQC report very seriously and have been working with our team, addressing each of the recommendations, to make improvements and provide patients with good quality care. We have an improvement plan in place, and we are already making progress in key areas such as numbers of appointments offered and recruitment. 


We are encouraged however, that following the inspection, the CQC acknowledged the positive way in which our staff communicate with patients and a culture to drive improvement. We hope that this will offer some assurance to our patients of our commitment to provide them with safe, effective, responsive, well-led and caring services. 


We would like to pay tribute to our valued staff who are our greatest asset. Our staff have continued to work with true integrity and professionalism throughout the challenges of the pandemic, adapting and responding to an increase in demand of GP services. We will continue to invest in our staff, enabling them to continue to provide good services to our patients.

We are confident that the improvements underway will have a positive impact on patient experience and areas highlighted will be rectified as soon as possible.” 


Amy Galea, Chief Primary Care Officer at NHS Sussex, said:


“Improving access to primary care across Sussex is one of our key priorities for this year. Aligned to that, we have been working with the team at Modality Mid Sussex for several months to understand the areas of improvement that were raised by patients earlier this year and to support the measures the practice team identified to address them.


An action plan was developed, and this now takes into consideration the actions outlined in the CQC report. Modality Mid Sussex has already made progress in a number of these areas and has confirmed their commitment to make the necessary improvements. We will continue to work alongside the practice to take the action needed – both immediate action and longer-term changes - to make sure they have the right processes in place to deliver safe, high-quality care to all their patients."


Immediate Patient Review and Action

Rest assured, immediate action has been taken. We have reviewed all patients mentioned in the CQC report, and our clinicians have provided appropriate care, with meticulous documentation of all actions taken.


Continual Improvement Plan

We are already implementing significant improvements to enhance our service, including:

  • A robust recall system for the safe monitoring of patients needing regular drug monitoring and long-term condition management.

  • An enhanced safety net process to track and manage patients who may not respond to routine monitoring requests.

  • Increased capacity and advanced booking options for routine blood monitoring.

  • Achieving a 50% reduction in call wait times.

  • Extending and expanding online access through the Patient Triage service.

  • Continual expansion of GP and nursing appointment availability.

  • Improving our website and patient information.

  • Enhancing patient engagement and communication through regular updates and meetings.

  • Employing external providers for gold standard health & safety, fire, and infection control audits, with rigorous risk tracking.

  • Implementing higher-level training for Infection Control Leads.

  • Introducing formal spot checks to ensure consistent compliance with cold chain and infection control policies.

  • Reviewing and updating all documentation required for vaccination administration (PGD & PSD).

  • Amending the appraisal process to formally include and document the routine check of all clinician’s current professional registration status.

  • Providing additional training to reinforce our safety alert process, with central management and assessment by the Modality Mid Sussex Pharmacy Team.


Caring Practice

We are pleased to have been rated 'good' for being a caring organisation. Our staff continue to treat patients with kindness, respect, and compassion.


Your Concerns Matter

If you have any concerns or would like to speak to someone, please contact Lois Brown by emailing or by completing a practice feedback form available at all Modality Mid Sussex locations, or alternatively reach out to our Patient Participation Group at


Thank you for your patience and continued support whilst we make the changes. We are committed to patient safety and delivering high quality primary care.

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