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In May 2021, Dr Vijaykumar became the National Research Lead for Modality Partnership. His role involves making decisions on which research studies the divisions of the Partnership will be involved in. Research projects are vital in supporting the advancement of medical science and is very important that the right studies are chosen. Many of these studies involve developing diagnostic tests and treatment that would not be available otherwise, and therefore, benefit our patients.

This resource is informative, interesting and helps you in your research work. If there is anything that you would like to be added here, please let the team know at

The Research Team within Modality

We have a dedicated Research team within the Modality Partnership. Dr Vijaykumar, Executive Partner for East Surrey as well as National Research Lead has an excellent team with divisional GP leads, Nurses, Physician’s Associates and an administrator. If you need to contact the team, please do so by email to .

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